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Drunk Driving Arrests

Drunk Driving Arrests With possible jail time of six months for a first-time offense, and possible loss of driving privileges for a year, competent representation in defense of a drunk driving charge is essential. You don’t have to break that bank in order to get representation. In addition to potential jail time, first time offenders can expect to face close to $10,000 in costs associated with a drunk driving arrests if they plead guilty or no contest to the charge…

Trusts and Estates

As we grow in our financial life and begin to accumulate wealth, one of our biggest responsibilities is preservation of the wealth for our loved ones after we leave. Simply put, there are three ways to address your wealth preservation concerns. First, you can do nothing. If you do nothing, your assets will be distributed in accordance to the State’s probate code. The benefit of this approach is that you will not have to pay an attorney any money to enact a plan for the distribution of your assets…

Contracts and Transactions

Business and commercial disputes constitute a great number of cases clogging up our court system. Surprisingly, thought, the most prominent feature of many of the cases filed with the court is not fraud or someone intentionally breaking a promise or breaching a contract. In fact, most business disputes arise from a poorly considered and drafted contract…

Commercial Litigation

My first priority is to keep my clients out of lawsuits and courtrooms. My clients are not in the business of fighting lawsuits. They are in the business of making money. And my approach to disputes gives significant weight to that consideration. However, when my clients are forced to fight a lawsuit, with well over twenty years of experience in commercial and business litigation, there are few situations in the field with which I am not familiar and which I am unable to handle…

Having a competent attorney look after your interests significantly reduces the possibilities of future legal entanglements.

Barry Sabahat Esq.

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Nothing can quite take the place of experience. I graduated from Western State University, College of Law in December of 1992 and began my practice in July of 1993. Since then, I have focused my practice in business transactions and litigation, estate planning and drunk driving cases. In my over twenty years as an attorney, I have handled hundreds of trials, arbitrations, mediations, estate plans and a whole host of other legal proceedings. I have served on the board of directors of corporations and have served (and continue to serve) as general counsel for various corporations. I would say that the most important lesson of all these years of experience is that proper setup of a legal matter today, be it estate planning or business transactions, will reduce the possibility of legal entanglement later.

  • First Priority

    Keep my clients out of lawsuits and courtrooms.

  • Over twenty

    Years Experience in the legal field

  • Various Corporations

    served on the board of directors of corporations and have served (and continue to serve) as general counsel

  • hundreds of trials, arbitrations, mediations, estate plans.

    And a whole host of other legal proceedings handled.

Barry Sabahat Esq.

Barry Sabahat
Attorney at Law


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